New report from the University of Waterloo helps Canada’s commercial real estate developers become more climate resilient

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, has released a new report titled “Ahead of the Storm: Developing Flood-Resilience Guidance for Canada’s Commercial Real Estate.

The goal of the report is to give Canada’s commercial real estate a safe harbor ahead of a growing storm. The University of Waterloo research centre has outlined 20 measures that can be implemented by commercial real estate owners and managers to enhance flood resilience.

As the commercial real estate industry strives to minimize its exposure to flood risk, this report provides a concise list of flood-resilience measures that can reduce the potential for property damage, business disruptions, as well as the potential for flood-related injury and loss of life stemming from extreme rain events.

The report profiles case studies from across Canada where flood-resilience measures were applied “on the ground” to limit flood risk, and shares examples of innovative technologies for water damage reduction, as outlined in a feature Appendix prepared by the Global Construction and Infrastructure Group of Aon Risk Solutions.

The development of this report was supported financially by the Intact Financial Corporation, REALPAC and BOMA Canada. The attached press release contains more details.

Access the report in ENGLISH (PDF).

Access the report in FRENCH (PDF).

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