New USDA video on wetlands restoration partnerships in Vermont

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Vermont recently produced a video showcasing conservation efforts dedicated to restoring and protecting wetlands in the state.

NRCS, working with state and local conservation partners, have been working to restore and enhance land once only valued as potential farmland, or property for development.

Vermont NRCS’ new video, Restoring Vermont’s Wetlands, highlights the importance of wetland restoration. Though wetlands only account for about five percent of the total landscape in Vermont, they play a critical role in the health of plant and animal species.

Wetlands also provide direct benefits to people. They capture carbon. They provide buffers against flooding. They filter water, removing sediments and impurities.

NRCS works with local and state partners to help private landowners protect, restore and improve these important natural areas.

We created this video to help people understand the ecological functions that wetland resources provide,” said Vicky Drew, NRCS State Conservationist. “Our hope is that private landowners with wetlands on their property will contact NRCS to learn how they can protect and improve them,” she said.

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