Nine cool redevelopment projects coming to Washington, DC in 2017

Three acts of Congress and more than a decade of planning and construction later, an end is finally in sight for the first phase of the Wharf.

When it opens in October of 2017, the overhauled half mile of Potomac riverfront will include four residential buildings, two office towers, three hotels, a 6,000-seat concert hall, 25 restaurants, water taxis, and four piers. Phase two, stretching another half mile, won’t wrap up until 2021.

From The Wharf website: “The Wharf is the result of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s commitment to revitalizing the Southwest DC waterfront, stretching across 24 acres of land and more than 50 acres of water from the Municipal Fish Market to Fort McNair. From a storied maritime history to untapped potential and vibrant cultural scene, The Wharf is the waterfront escape that Washington so richly deserves, one that puts it in the illustrious company of world-famous waterfronts.

A remarkable, mile-long waterfront neighborhood is taking shape in Washington, D.C. The Wharf is a mixed-use waterfront opportunity, coming to life in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. Located within walking distance of major commerce, The Wharf is centrally situated on the Potomac River, along the historic Washington Channel, a short distance from beloved national monuments, The White House, The Capitol and Smithsonian Museums.

The Wharf holds an unrivaled location and an extraordinary vision for a new waterfront neighborhood, presenting what is truly a once-in-a-generation opportunity. With 24 acres of land at 50 acres of waterfront and an exciting, innovative vision, The Wharf is poised to become D.C.’s next great meeting place.

The Wharf is being brought to life as a result of multiple visions: restoring the Southwest Waterfront, celebrating the culture of the waterfront lifestyle, and creating a cohesive public space that the community can truly rally behind.

This is a complex project, a great challenge, and a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Ultimately, we will measure the success of The Wharf in the way that the people of the district embrace it as their own. The Wharf’s distinctive features, commitment to the celebrating the community and rich history of the Southwest waterfront will make it a truly vibrant neighborhood.”

The Washingtonian article linked to below reports on The Wharf, and on eight other cool redevelopment efforts coming to DC in 2017.

Image credit: The Wharf

See full article by Marisa M. Kashino in The Washingtonian.

See The Wharf website.

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