NPI seminars on historic asset preservation, reuse, and restoration

The National Preservation Institute (NPI) offers an ongoing series of professional training seminars for the management, development, and preservation of historic, cultural, and environmental resources related to historic preservation and cultural resource management.

A sampling of seminars offered:

  • Identification, Planning, and Evaluation
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Cultural and Natural Resource Management
  • Native American Cultural Resources
  • Historic Property Management
  • Historic Bridges: Management, Regulations, and Rehabilitation
  • Preservation Planning for Campuses, Complexes, and Installations
  • Preservation Planning and Policy Development for Historic Roads
  • Traditional Cultural Places
  • Historic Property Management: Materials to Systems
  • Historic Windows: Managing for Preservation, Maintenance, and Energy Conservation
  • Planning Tools for Preservation: HSRs and Maintenance Plans
  • Sustainable Preservation: Process and Practice

See NPI’s listing of upcoming seminars.

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