How once-in-a-lifetime federal resources can reconnect and restore American ecosystems fragmented by bad transportation planning

Transportation infrastructure has improved mobility for millions of people, goods, and services. It has also led to unintentional yet devastating limitations for wildlife migration and biodiversity.

Now, there is an opportunity to undo some of the accidental damage.

Rapid, equitable, and harmonized deployment of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act has authorized grant funding administered by several federal agencies for wildlife connectivity, species recovery and habitat conservation projects such as culvert replacement, wildlife crossings, dam removal, and river and habitat restoration is key.

This new paper, titled Moving Wildlife: A Vision for the Successful Deployment of $1.35 billion to Restore Wildlife Migrations, offers several recommendations to expedite government program delivery and optimize connectivity benefits at the landscape ecology scale using these once-in-a-lifetime federal resources.

Read full paper (PDF).

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