ONLINE EVENT: Learn how to revitalize places by repurposing built assets. Deconstruction + Reuse Conference – October 19-21, 2021

This year, Build Reuse’s Deconstruction + Reuse Conference —the only North American conference focused explicitly on reuse in the built environment—will look at how we can make reuse a priority as we rebuild better. What has been successful and what still needs to be accomplished?

Professional community revitalizers know how important reuse is, since it’s at the heart of the world’s most successful community revitalization strategy: the 3Re Strategy (repurpose, renew, reconnect).

Build Reuse invites you to join us virtually at Deconstruction + Reuse 2021 and submit your session proposals.

They are looking for presentations that explore the following topics:

  • Measuring reuse data
  • Material reuse in relationship to equity, inclusion, and environmental health and justice
  • Material reuse in the commercial sector
  • Policy as drivers of reuse and circular economy (city, state, national, and international level)
  • Architects as drivers of reuse
  • Heritage conservation as a driver of reuse
  • Partnerships to drive reuse (regional initiatives)
  • Design for deconstruction
  • Transforming places of waste collection to reuse (rethink the transfer station)
  • Inspiring reuse projects (art, renovation, adaptive reuse)
  • Reuse retail (innovation, programing, marketing, online sales, entrepreneurship)
  • Deconstruction projects (new techniques, scale, bidding, blight reduction, job training)
  • Materials appraisals
  • Innovation in tech and reuse
  • Advancing the circular economy
  • Virtual tours (reuse store, deconstruction site, adaptive reuse project, etc.)

Solution Sessions

One of the highlights of Deconstruction + Reuse 2019 was our “Solution Sessions,” where small groups generated action-oriented ideas on topics of importance. They welcome suggestions for topics that represent a major challenge to our goals of achieving a more circular construction industry.

They will select up to five areas that our community commonly identifies as needing solutions. A few examples of 2019 solutions sessions were focused on crafting deconstruction ordinances, materials appraisals, and architects as advocates for reuse.

See event website.

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