New Mitigation, Adaptation & Resiliency Plan hopes to protect the Oregon Coast tourism economy from the global climate crisis

The tourism industry is a leading economic driver on the Oregon Coast that supports visitors, business, agritourism, workforce, quality of life, and infrastructure development.

Therefore, it is uniquely positioned to develop and support resiliency and adaptation planning.

This new report, titled Oregon Coast Mitigation, Adaptation and Resiliency Plan 2022, integrates the Oregon Coast Visitors Association’s (OCVA) goals with those of the Glasgow Declaration.

It provides a roadmap to guide OCVA in the implementation of these goals, and offers suggestions of prioritized mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency actions.

Additionally, this report outlines factors to consider when performing an in-depth analysis of recommended solutions.

Also provided are answers to commonly asked questions, inspiring stories from the Oregon Coast, a synopsis of interviews performed in researching this report, and a thorough list of resources used in report development.

Overall, this report aims to demonstrate what mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency action could look like on the Oregon Coast and provide clarity on the way forward.

See the full plan (PDF).

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