Pennsylvania county catches a good case of “revitalization fever”

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania is the most recent borough to announce a revitalization effort at its most recent council meeting. It’s one of a handful of downtowns in Cumberland County looking to make changes after it fell behind the times during the economic downturn.

But now, Borough Councilman Don Kibler is leading the efforts to turn the town around. He wants to “Bring back some of the zest we used to have here,” he said.

It’s a similar story we’ve seen in other boroughs across Cumberland County.

Mary Kuna, economic development manager for Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation is overseeing changes in Mt. Holly Springs, Newville, Shippensburg, and others with the “revitalization fever.

It’s this vision for the future,” Kuna said.

Photo of 1776 William Black homestead in New Cumberland, PA by Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD via Wikipedia.

Watch 2 1/2-minute news video.

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