Perth revitalizes a street by greening it, and by repurposing a car lane for pedestrians

In 2016, a complete overhaul of Museum Street in Perth, Western Australia was completed with pedestrians and place activation front of mind.

Before redesign. Photo credit: Bicycle Perth.

The street was transformed from northbound and southbound lanes into a single one-way northbound lane.

This created new space for a dedicated pedestrian area.

Trees were key to the design of the new precinct, providing much needed greenery and shade for visitors.

Landscape architects CityGreen used their innovative Stratavault urban tree pit solution. A tree pit matrix of 4.35 x 4.35 x 0.8m thus gives 15 cubic metres of uncompacted primary root space per tree. This matrix extends from the sidewalk to beneath the car parking zone on the road side, ensuring the trees have adequate room to grow without disturbing the hardscaping above.

During renovation. Photo credit: City of Perth.

This new precinct features a pedestrian-friendly connection to Perth’s Cultural Centre, large trees, street furniture, artwork, lighting, CCTV, and free public wifi.

Today, memories of a tired-looking Museum Street are a distant memory, with large trees, vibrant street painting, and funky furniture providing a wonderful public space for visitors to enjoy.

See City of Perth site for Museum Street.

See CityGreen website & feature photo credit.

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