Philadelphia does what other communities should be doing more of: thanking businesses that support neighborhood revitalization

Many communities’ revitalization efforts are advanced by the services of local employers as part of their normal business operations, but go unrecognized.

It costs almost nothing for a community to publicly recognize these efforts—and thus help encourage similar support from others—but few go to the trouble.

Here’s an example of one city that takes the trouble to say “thank you”:

Pictured (from left) are: Eric Seestedt, reg. mortgage mgr.; Sahaad Washington, mortgage loan officer; Ken Bigos, E.D. of AHCOPA; Jeff Vilk, CRA mortgage sales mgr.; Chante Meares, CRA mortgage loan officer; Monica Gonzalez, CRA mortgage loan officer; Julius Sharpe, CRA mortgage loan officer; Predeitha Oliver, Operation HOPE coach.
Photo courtesy of AHCOPA.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Fulton Mortgage Company (a division of Fulton Bank, N.A. / Fulton Financial Corporation) ended 2019 on a high note as the first recipient of the Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania (AHCOPA) Community Revitalization Award.

Fulton was recognized for its continued efforts to increase homeownership in low- to moderate-income communities.

In 2019, Fulton originated the most Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) mortgage loans, in partnership with AHCOPA in the Philadelphia region.

Fulton is honored to be the first recipient of the AHCOPA’s Community Revitalization Award,” said Jeff Scheuren, president of Fulton Mortgage Company.

We are very proud of our track record of building vibrant communities, and we remain 100% committed to fostering affordable housing and driving economic development in the neighborhoods we serve,” he added.

Fulton Bank presented a check for $10,000 to AHCOPA during the December award ceremony to help fund first-time homebuyer workshops for underserved communities throughout 2020.

I (Storm Cunningham) encourage other communities to go forth and do likewise. Build on your strengths by thanking those who are supporting your revitalization behind the scenes.

Photo of Pine Street in Philadelphia by rConceptz from Pixabay.

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