Pittsburgh grabs waterfront cleanup & revitalization leader from Boston

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s non-profit Riverlife organization went fishing in Boston, and landed a prize catch.

Vivien Li, who for 24 years has led the Boston Harbor Association in its efforts to restore vitality to the waterfront, begins her new job as president and CEO of Riverlife on October 1, 2015.

We conducted a national search, and judging from the response our selection has gotten in Boston, it is clear this is a great win, not just for Riverlife but for Pittsburgh and the region,” said Jay Sukernek, Riverlife’s acting director.

Boston is losing a treasure,” said Massport CEO Thomas P. Glynn. “The Port of Boston is forever changed for the better because of Vivien Li.

“We’re very lucky to have had her and very sad she is going,” said Austin Blackmon, chief of environment, energy and open space for the city of Boston. “Pittsburgh is incredibly lucky.”

See full Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article & photo credit.

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