PODCAST: Longest-serving West Sacramento mayor discusses how to regenerate neighborhoods and transform communities

This podcast from reSITE, called Design and the City, raises questions and proposes solutions for the city of the future.

In the seventh episode, Christopher Cabaldon, the longest-serving mayor in West Sacramento’s history, an LGBTQ+advocate, talks about the urban regeneration of his city, from a former industrial town to an urbanized, livable community.

West Sacramento, now one of the most livable small towns in America, underwent an incredible transformation during mayor Cabaldon’s on-going 20-year-long office. From a once-abandoned industrial city at the core of the California region, “West Sacramento has become a fascinating story of regeneration in the most fundamental way.”

Originally a professor of public policy at Sacramento State University, Cabaldon has been behind the remaking project.

Photo courtesy of City of West Sacramento.

Listen to 30-minute podcast.

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