PODCAST: Interview with Storm Cunningham on the “Lift Your Story” podcast (based in Mississauga, Ontario and Dallas, Texas)

Reconomics is the study of how places come back to life.

In this January 19, 2022 podcast with hosts LaurieAnn Campbell and Roy Miller, Storm Cunningham explains it has to do with “repurposing and renewing and reconnecting of the area’s natural and built and socio-economic assets”, as opposed to trying to “grow economically through sprawl or by extracting virgin resources or other ways that don’t work in the long run.”

The podcast touches on all three of Storm’s books: The Restoration Economy, ReweaLth and RECONOMICS.

Storm explains how RECONOMICS Institute provides the opportunity to become certified as a Revitalization & Resilience Facilitator. The certification is online and can take as little as a month to complete, although some students take over a year.

Listen to 29-minute podcast.

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