Portland, Oregon awards $600,000 to restore & reconnect urban greenspace

With projects ranging from connecting Portland, Oregon’s urban forest to enhancing habitat for amphibian life, the Metro Council voted November 12, 2015 to support efforts toward restoring natural spaces.

The council voted unanimously Thursday to award $600,000 in Nature in Neighborhoods Restoration and Community Stewardship Grants to 15 organizations working on projects around the region.

One grant recipient was Willamette Riverkeeper, which is working with partners to restore Ross Island.

It’s kind of a great opportunity to introduce the Portland community to the island,” said Marci Krass, restoration coordinator at Willamatte Riverkeeper. Ross Island is otherwise closed to the public, so one of the only ways to see it past the high water mark is on one of Willamette Riverkeeper’s sanctioned boats.

Krass said a lot of planting has already been done to restore the island’s understory, and that now is a great time for community involvement.

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See full list of grant recipients (PDF).

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