Power of Place urban revitalization summit – June 21, 2016, Providence RI

In the two years since our last Power of Place Summit, Rhode Island has turned some important corners. Our economy is on the rebound, our real estate market is performing better and knee-jerk negativity about our state’s future prospects, though still far too prevalent, is diminishing.

However, it’s up to each one of us to ensure that Rhode Island accelerates the pace of revitalization in a way that has lasting impact for this and future generations.

That’s why we invite you to join with other business, civic and government leaders, development and real estate professionals, architects, builders, farmers, conservationists, policy advocates and a multitude of community stakeholders from across Rhode Island and New England in helping Grow Smart RI present the 2016 biennial Power of Place Summit in Providence, Rhode Island on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

The Summit will feature briefings and workshops on a variety of relevant topics, initiatives and developments that are shaping the future of our communities and state, including:

  • The status of RI’s new economic tools and incentives: Are they performing to expectations? Should any be tweaked?
  • Best practices in placemaking strategies to revitalize Main Streets
  • The I-195 District: Will it fulfill its economic promise?
  • Envisioning a more dynamic transit system for RI: How do we to get there from here?
  • Zoning that preserves farms and forests while boosting business activity
  • Why “Boulevard 6-10” makes good sense for drivers and residents
  • MassWorks infrastructure program : A look at how Massachusetts partners with municipalities to set the table for private investment
  • A fully connected Rhode Island bikepath network is getting traction
  • What are the real opportunities of the region’s new Blackstone River Valley National Park?
  • The role of housing in revitalizing mixed use centers
  • What’s next for the iconic Superman building, and who decides?
  • A review of innovative green infrastructure solutions in rural, suburban and urban Rhode Island

See event website & photo credit.

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