Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods — National Press Club, Wash. DC — April 22-24, 2018

Changes in federal policy, infrastructure, real estate finance, mobility and technology present new challenges for the real estate industry and local leaders to navigate in order to meet America’s demand for vibrant and inclusive walkable neighborhoods.

Join LOCUS, in partnership with the Local Leaders Council and the Transit-Oriented Development Peer Network, at the 2018 LOCUS National Leadership Summit: Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on April 22-24, 2018.

Learn about important housing and tax policy changes, the future of infrastructure and real estate finance, the impact of technology on mobility, the role of equity in neighborhood redevelopment and LOCUS’s 2018 policy recommendations for federal policy makers.

The LOCUS Leadership Summit will feature interviews and roundtable discussions with top industry leaders and elected officials and in-person meetings with federal policy-makers to discuss policies that affect triple bottom line development and walkable communities.

This two-day conference will provide participants with tools, strategies and business connections to successfully navigate the changing real estate and policy environment.

See Summit website.

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