Regeneration of old Scottish bottling plant brings £311 million to area economy

A huge project launched to regenerate Dumbarton, Scotland now boasts 700 workers and has generated an incredible £311 million in the area’s economy.

A new independent economic impact report reveals more than 700 people work at Lomondgate, the regeneration project initiated in the aftermath of the closure in 2000 of the J&B bottling plant with the loss of 470 jobs.

The report, commissioned by Strathleven Regeneration CIC, reveals in April 2016, there were 728 people working at Lomondgate in a mix of full time and part time roles.

In addition, the equivalent of 77 permanent construction jobs have been created through the £98.9million of capital investment which has been attracted, including over £45 million invested in building new houses.

The report states in total, £311 million has been generated in the region’s economy by Lomondgate and its businesses, including Aggreko and the BBC.

The entire footprint of the former J&B bottling plant has now been regenerated.

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