Regenerative Business Summit — San Francisco, California — March 21, 2019

The ReGenFriends™ Customer-Centric Business Summit takes place on March 21, 2019 at The Presidio in San Francisco, California. The event focuses on renewal, restoration, and growth strategies with a focus on the customer to serve people, planet and prosperity.

We all share the same risks posed by the changing environmental, social and political climate affecting the globe. So, let’s share our economic solutions to regenerate people, planet and prosperity around the world.

The ReGenFriends™ Customer-Centric Summit is a respectful event that rewards dialogue among people with divergent views from companies of different scale, size, and impact,” founder Emily M. Olson says. “When we created this summit, we had the founding intention of it being an inclusive event. The current culture of business, mainstream or otherwise, largely centers around extraction, separation and conquest, which clearly isn’t working. Regenerative Business focuses on interconnected living systems, each being accountable for their contribution to the whole. How could business change if we all took this holistic, regenerative approach? Bring a friend or foe and let’s find out!

One of the most exciting aspects of the event is the ReGenForTheNextGen™ consumer survey. “We’ll be capturing food, clothing, personal care, household goods, & technology shoppers. We’ll have excellent data with 2,500 respondents and lots of opportunities for cross-tabulations and drill down. We believe that a consumer-led movement to regenerative business practices will lead to rapid change, greater market share, increased profitability and heightened business reputation,” Olson revealed.

The October 2018 report entitled The New Sustainability: Regeneration from J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group opens with this premise: “The future of sustainability will focus on regeneration, with pioneering brands at the heart of the effort. Sustainability as we know it is dead. Doing less harm is no longer enough. The future of sustainability lies in regeneration: seeking to restore and replenish what we have lost, to build economies and communities that thrive, and that allow the planet to thrive too.”

This shows how regeneration is finally going mainstream, since it repeats the points made in Chapter 14 of The Restoration Economy (Berrett-Koehler, 2002), which was titled “Restorative Development: Sustainable Development’s Salvation.


The ReGenFriends™ Customer-Centric Business Summit features a vibrant lineup of speakers including Fortune 50 thought-leaders and passionate start-up trailblazers in the sustainability, circular economy and regenerative business communities. Presenters include:

  • John Fullerton, Founder, Capital Institute and Impact Investor
  • Holly Ziegel Ruxin, CEO & Founder Montcalm TCR
  • Christopher Ategeka, Founder & Managing Partner, UCOT
  • Shaun Frankson, Co-Founder & CTO, Plastic Bank


ReGenFriends™ Customer-Centric Business Summit program includes two keynotes, nine workshops, multiple networking opportunities, hospitality suites, and a dedicated Thought Leader Conversation Lounge where attendees can meet the presenters for in-depth discussions following their presentations.

Presentations include:

  • ReGenForTheNextGen™ (Opening Plenary)
  • Investing in a Regenerative Future (Morning Keynote)
  • Shared Risks; Shared Solutions (Afternoon Keynote)

Panels include:

  • Nourishing the Planet (FOOD)
  • From Well-Being to Well-Doing (PERSONAL CARE)
  • Cool Investments for a Hot Planet (FINANCIAL CAPITAL)
  • Partners with Purpose (HUMAN CAPITAL)
  • Earth is the Only Real Asset (NATURAL CAPITAL)
  • What if Mother Earth was in Charge (ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH)
  • “The Enablers” (TECHNOLOGY)

Presenting Companies
Showcasing their economic benefits from their commitment to regenerative business practices, presenting companies include: General Mills, Organic Valley, Patagonia, Applegate, NovoNordisk, Gitterman Wealth Management, Montcalm TCR, Capital Institute, Natural Grocers, Edelman, UCOT, Upside Partners, Everlane, Encore Consumer Capital, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Indigenous Designs, South Pole Group, Regen Network, As You Sow, Nori, Center For Food Safety, CDP West, Liquid Token, Tony’s Chocolonely, Vitamin Angels, Regrained, Markegard Family Grass-Fed, California Poly – San Luis Obispo, Carbon Lighthouse, Valent, among others.

Premier sponsors include: Organic Valley, Montcalm TCR, Natural Grocers, Gitterman Wealth Management, Compass Natural Marketing, Foerstel Design, Tony’s Chocolonely, among others. Sponsorship places a company and brand in the ReGenFriends™ spotlight and demonstrates a leadership commitment to Customer-Centric Regenerative Business Practices. Sponsorships begin at $1,000 to provide the opportunity for business of all sizes to participate. For sponsorship details, please visit:

A highlight of the conference is the unique Thought Leader Conversation Lounge. Rather than crowding the front of the room, the Conversation Lounge provides presenters and attendees with the opportunity to engage in deep conversations with their newly formed #ReGenFriends while enjoying spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz island, Monterey pines, hawks, and peregrine falcons.

See complete schedule and register.

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