Regenerative Landscape Management Course — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — January 2017

The SINAL School in Santo Antonio da Serra, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (about 50 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro) is launching a course on Regenerative Landscape Management in January of 2017.

Our two module course on natural forest regeneration and regenerative agriculture is designed to give participants the chance to combine practice and theory in a hands-on learning intensive in various methods of regenerative landscape management.

The course focuses on innovative, decentralized, low-cost and feasible methodologies on how forest regeneration and food production can be integrated, scaled up and successfully implemented.

Moreover, the technical learning will be complemented by training in leadership, entrepreneurial, inner and interpersonal skills, which will empower the students to successfully implement their own projects in their community or organization.

The course promotes intercultural, interdisciplinary and interpersonal learning as it provides strong personal interactions between students and teachers, a small classroom environment and a team and student body from various cultural and disciplinary backgrounds.

What will you learn?

Participants will get hands-on, practical experience learning the technical skills of innovative, low cost methods as they will work directly in the field with our on-going projects in forest restoration and agriculture.

Our courses also put a unique emphasis on training the leadership, entrepreneurship, and interpersonal competencies professionals need to implement regenerative projects in their own communities and ecosystems. They will come out with a deeper knowledge of development and management of projects and teams, mobilization of resources, monitoring and evaluation, and the key challenges and opportunities in the field.

Registration deadline: November 1, 2016

See course brochure (PDF).

See Sinal School website.

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