Regenerative Poultry: Free-range chickens are good, but tree-range birds are better, restoring ecology and boosting profits.

We’ve featured many examples of regenerative farming and regenerative ranching over the years here in REVITALIZATION. It’s gratifying to see how this field has blossomed since it was documented in a chapter of my first book, The Restoration Economy, back in 2002.

now, on January 26, 2021, regenerative techniques are expanding to chicken production. Blue Nest Beef and Regeneration Farms have announced a new partnership that they hope will change the way consumers think about chicken. Tree-Range Chicken® from Regeneration Farms is now available for purchase and delivery through Blue Nest Beef.

Tree-Range Chicken puts birds back where they belong: in nature…or something much closer to it than the cruel cage system that produces most chemical-laden supermarket eggs. These slower-growth birds are raised in small flocks under a regenerative system that integrates trees and crops with poultry production.

The natural habitat of chickens is more like a forest,” said Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, co-founder of Regeneration Farms.

Trees provide chickens protection from predators and have several other upsides. In turn, chickens amplify nutrient cycling while providing economic and ecological benefits,” he added.

Tree-Range Chicken’s production strategy is built on small family farms that are part of a larger collective, resulting in more prosperous livelihoods through scaling and reducing risks. The system also supports better bird health, as well as consistently better quality and taste.

Blue Nest Beef launched its growing lineup of regenerative grass-fed beef in 2019. Co-Founder and CEO Russ Conser says the partnership is a natural fit.

The big idea of regenerative agriculture is to grow food in a way that isn’t just less bad, but that creates more good,” said Conser. “Having started with beef produced in a way to help birds, the principles of Tree-Range Chicken are the same. Both systems allow land to produce more food in a healthier way.”

Tree-Range Chicken currently comes from Minnesota farms and is processed in Minnesota. It’s available at multiple price points on Blue Nest Beef’s website, which includes free shipping on all products in the continental United States.

Blue Nest Beef is a direct-to-door meat delivery startup. Using cattle raised by ranchers who are committed to restoring and preserving bird habitat, the company delivers a growing lineup of regenerative grass-fed beef products and chicken.

Regeneration Farms supports a network of regionally-organized producer pools and smaller family farms. Through this collective, they are transforming nature’s energy into nutritious foods that restore the health of families and our planet.

Image courtesy of Regeneration Farms.

Watch 1-minute promotional video.

See Blue Nest Beef website.

See Regeneration Farms website.

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