ReGenFriends Billion Person Movement Global Challenge event — February 27, 2020 — The Presidio — San Francisco, California

The ReGenFriends#BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge event will take place on February 27, 2020 from 8:30am – 6:30pm in the Golden Gate Club at The Presidio in San Francisco, California.

The BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge™ is a global initiative created by ReGenFriends™ for organizations and companies to share their net-positive regenerative programs and ideas to reach a billion people by Earth Day 2023.

The groundbreaking 2019 consumer research study revealed regenerative to be “A Race to Prosperity” for those companies and organizations that embrace regenerative systems and values into the fabric of their operations. 8 of 10 respondents, across every shopping category and demographic group, demand regenerative solutions today. Will 2020 results differ? Has the interest only grown stronger? Will brands be prepared to meet this surge in demand? How best to tell your own regenerative story?

In the 2020 Emerging Regenerative Customer Study, 65% of consumers answered “yes” when asked, “The #BillionPersonMovement is a global community of #ReGenFriends™ dedicated to shifting global production and consumption to reverse climate change and create a regenerative economic future. Would you support brands that are part of this movement?” 28% said “not sure” because they needed a bit more information to join in the movement, while only 7% said “no” to the question.

The #BillionPersonMovement has 4 simple consumer-driven goals:

  1. Generate ONE BILLION #BillionPersonMovement consumer mentions by Earth Day 2023;
  2. Create a global community of #ReGenFriends™ defined as individuals, customers, companies, governments and NGOs;
  3. Promote the collective work of NET-POSITIVE regenerative businesses and organizations around the world to meet consumer demand; and
  4. Fundamentally shift global production and consumption to reverse climate change

The #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge features a vibrant lineup of speakers including Fortune 50 thought-leaders and passionate start-up trailblazers in the closed loop, circular economy and regenerative business communities.

Presenters include:

• David Katz, Co-Founder & CEO, Plastic Bank
• Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown
• Carrie Richards, Co-Owner, Richards Grassfed Regenerative Beef
• Cannon Michael, President, Bowles Farming Company
• Megan Meiklejohn, Sustainable Materials & Transparency Manager, EILEEN FISHER, INC.
• Jonathan Gelbard, Director of Integrative Conservation, Conservation Value Solutions
• Jessica Hayes, Global Sourcing Manager, REBBL
• Damiano Dall’Anese, Executive Vice President, Candiani Denim USA
• Brent Crossland, Global Cotton Sustainability Advisor, Wrangler, Bayer, Textile Exchange
• Erin L. Heitkamp, Senior Vice President – Agriculture and Public Affairs, Pipeline Foods
• Nick de Vries, VP Technology & Asset Management, Silicon Ranch Corporation
• Rich Bradbury, Co-Owner, Double Oarlock Ranch
• Michael Warren, CEO, Earth Alive Clean Technologies
• Jim Cupples, CEO, Terrapin Data (AgCheck & AllTheFarms)
• Nova Sayers, Global Food and Sustainability, NSF International
• Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director, Regenerative Organic Alliance
• Kevin Dean Pettit, COO, Proof of Impact
• Chris Kerston, Chief Commercial Officer, Land to Market
• Brian Neufeld, President​, Neufeld Agriculture
• Beth Rattner, Executive Director, Biomimicry Institute
• Jessica Chiartas, Soils and Biogeochemistry, University of California, Davis
• Ken Lee, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Lotus Foods
• Ryan Lynch, Practice Director, Sustainability, BSI
• Neil Cohen, VP Marketing, Miyoko’s

Photo courtesy of ReGen Friends.

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