Reno’s new revitalization strategy benefits the poor, and their neighborhoods

Reno, Nevada wants to make sure that the benefits of the emerging reincarnation of their economy get distributed equitably.

For many, including Vice Mayor Oscar Delgado, that starts with dealing with blighted properties all over the city, from downtown to neighborhoods on the outskirts.

Some of their $1 million in blight revitalization funds will go toward blight abatement and demolition in the downtown.

But those efforts are being coordinated with a broader vision for downtown Reno.

The plan centers on Virginia Street, where Reno’s casino strip is located, and maps out blight abatement needs and revitalization opportunities to create a walkable, unified downtown area meant for locals instead of tourists.

Delgado and his city council colleagues are also taking on the challenge of making sure historically underengaged groups have a seat at the table.

Photo of Reno by D. Ramey Logan via Wikipedia Commons.

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