Renovated, long-abandoned 1922 Detroit auto factory is manufacturing again

A rebirth is taking place in Detroit, Michigan and, according to Cathleen Francois of Greening, a big focus is on renovating older buildings instead of demolishing them and replacing them with new structures.

Renovation results in less waste and maintains iconic structures that are woven into the culture of the city.

One building undergoing renovation is iconic for a variety of reasons but most recently it served as the backdrop for the movie 8 Mile starring Eminem. It’s the actual plant where the star worked prior to becoming famous.

The building was constructed in 1922 and was originally known as Fisher Body #23.

It was closed in 1982 and then purchased in 1989 by Greg Smith and renamed New Center Stamping Company.

They are a specialty stamping plant that makes relatively small runs of replacement body parts for the big three auto companies.

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