REPORT: Local Funding for Coastal Projects: An Overview of Practices, Policies and Considerations for Beach Replenishment

On January 29, 2020, the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association published a white paper detailing funding means for communities’ coastal management projects. “Local Funding for Coastal Projects: An Overview of Practices, Policies and Considerations” identifies regional characteristics and local considerations towns should assess when determining how to raise revenue for beach replenishment.

ASBPA’s report explains taxes, fees and other sources of revenue commonly used by municipalities for beach projects, and provides an overview of emerging financial tools that can make existing revenue go farther in support of local coastal management efforts.

The intention is to aid local officials in identifying revenue possibilities as well as potential cost-savings, partnerships and finance instruments to leverage existing funds.

We hope this paper will be a baseline for local officials, help consultants guide clients and continue the discussion on ways communities fund important coastal projects,” said ASBPA Executive Director Derek Brockbank.

As the competition for coastal funding grows and the need for coastal restoration and adaptation projects increases, having a number of funding options at hand can mean the difference between a successful and effective coastal project and one that stalls due to revenue shortfalls or uncertainty in crucial funding,” he added.

ASBPA is a nonprofit, founded in 1926, that advocates for healthy coastlines by promoting the integration of science, policies and actions that maintain, protect and enhance the country’s coasts.

Photo of beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by David Mark from Pixabay.

See full white paper (PDF).

See ASBPA website.

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