A repurposed historic rail bridge helps revitalize Minneapolis

The historic Stone Arch Bridge spans 2,100 feet across the width of the Mississippi River and connects the East Bank near the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus to downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Completed as a railway bridge in 1883, this structure has remained an iconic beacon of Minneapolis for over a century. It is now a popular foot and bicycle bridge, offering phenomenal views of downtown, St. Anthony Falls, and the rest of the Mississippi.

Note from Storm: This story encapsulates three of the most important words in community revitalization: renewing, repurposing, and reconnecting. In the process of repurposing the rail bridge for pedestrians, this beautiful historic bridge was renewed (renovated).

The bridge went unused between 1978 and 1994, so reopening it reconnected several important Minneapolis neighborhoods. Put all three functions together, and you have a can’t-miss investment in both urban regeneration and historic preservation.

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