Restoration and beautification of closed Montana gold mine almost complete

Is the project complete?

That’s what people are asking regarding the reclamation project at Kendall Mine, a closed open pit mine to the east of the North Moccasin Mountains.

Three years ago, CR Kendall Corp., ATNA Resources, and Canyon Resources stockpiled 11,000 cubic yards of topsoil to beautify the Kendall mine area and presented a final closure plan for the project to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

But it didn’t end there, as the DEQ began a “no-regrets reclamation” process in July of 2012.

The Kendall Mine site has come a long way. From 1900 to 1942, 450,000 ounces of gold were produced in the area. Gold was still being produced up to 1997, but by 1998 it was no longer economical to search for gold in Kendall Mine, and cleanup began.

Volberding took over the site with ATNA in 2000, and he is happy to see the kind of beautification that has occurred, especially since the recontouring and seeding three years ago.

It’s a nice place,” Volberding said. “This time of year, especially. It’s kind of a sanctuary up here. This is a really good, stable site. I encourage people to come up and take a look at it.

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