Restoration business trains and spawns restoration entrepreneur in Illinois

Forty-five years ago, Terry Cole could count on one hand the number of local companies involved in masonry repairs.

Today, more than a dozen companies have entered the obscure construction field, and the level of sophistication and care continues to grow.

The restoration field has come a long way,” said Cole, president of Renaissance Restoration, of Galena, Ill.

Randy Williams remembers playing football when he was a kid out by the train tracks, below Julien Dubuque Bridge, more than 40 years ago.

Now, Williams is setting up shop in that same spot at 375 Menominee Road for his historic building restoration business, RW Restoration.

I grew up here right down the road,” the East Dubuque resident said. “It’s great to come back.

Williams learned the business working for Terry Cole’s Renaissance Restoration Inc.

He has now restored several iconic historic buildings in the area, including Dubuque’s City Hall.

I love seeing those buildings be made to how they used to,” he said. “It’s so neat seeing them come back to life.

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