Restorative Recreation: 7 revitalizing new urban parks emerging around the world

New York City is about to receive a serious dose of green.

Now underway on Governors Island, “The Hills”—designed by Dutch landscape firm West 8, comprises four mounds made entirely of construction debris and clean-fill material (ranging in height from 25 to 70 feet), blanketed with over 860 trees and 43,000 shrubs.

Heatherwick Studio’s Pier 55—a public park and performance space in the works on Manhattan’s Lower East Side—is also set to begin construction this year.

Singapore has unveiled plans to repurpose an abandoned railway into a linear park that extends across the entire island nation.

A similar structure is being plotted in Seoul, South Korea, though on a much smaller scale.

Toronto, Ontario has taken a slightly different viridescent route, opting to build beneath a raised road instead of upon it, reviving 9.88 decrepit acres under the city’s horrific Gardiner Expressway.

Tainan, Taiwan is creating Tainan Axis, an urban lagoon that will to revitalize its downtown district and reconnect the region to the waterfront.

Mexico City’s Avenida Chapultepec will receive a kindred facelift, with the capital’s plans to convert the busy 10-lane road into a multi-level park.

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