Restore America’s Estuaries 8th Annual Summit, New Orleans, Dec. 10-15, 2016

Coastal restoration and management are growing industries. Billions of dollars of public and private capital are being invested to increase resilience, restore ecosystems, manage our coasts, and plan for the future.

That investment means more funding and more jobs. A recent report estimated that the Greater New Orleans area alone will see an uptick of over 13,000 jobs in the region for this sector over the next decade. So how can you make the most of this opportunity? Find out how at our 2016 Summit, where this topic will be one of the important focal points of the program.

Join the largest national summit focused on coastal restoration, science, and management practices. Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) and The Coastal Society are pleased to announce the 2016 National Summit on Coastal Restoration and Management.

The summit will be hosted by our local alliance member, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, on December 10-15, 2016 at the Hilton Riverside Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As with previous Summits, the program will be full of high-quality, vibrant sessions, presentations, and posters. The Call for Proposals will be coming out this fall, so keep your eyes open for that announcement. The program is still very much in the early planning stages, but it will feature a variety of topics, including the Gulf of Mexico, living shorelines, coastal and marine spatial planning, blue carbon, innovative financing mechanisms, best practices in coastal restoration and management, and much, much more.

Our Coasts, Our Future, Our Choice is the only national Summit focused on the goals and practices of coastal restoration and management. Estuaries and coasts are an important part of America’s economy, history, and culture. The six-day Summit will explore cutting-edge issues in restoration and coastal management, and will comprise a community restoration event, field sessions, plenary session, expert presentations, special evening events, workshops, a poster hall, and award-winning coastal exposition hall.

See event website.

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