Restoring historic buildings and revitalizing heritage sites for economic growth in Turkey

With the rapid urbanization and the population growth seen in the urban areas of Kayseri, Turkey, historical buildings have come under threat; creating the need for historical preservation.

Kayseri has also been facing the pressure of new development and redevelopment due to their rapid socioeconomic development. This rapid increase in urban regeneration has created problems for the historical buildings in these cities.

Heritage cities in developing nations, like Turkey, currently face intensified urban problems as a result of rapid urbanization, economic development, and population growth. However, the government perceives the development of sprawling new townships a solution to dispersing population pressure from city centers and to cater towards its growing population.

Conservation is said to be the process that consists of repair, restoration, preservation, maintenance, adaptive reuse and reconstruction of the architectural heritage in order to safely deliver it to posterity.

In the last decade, the conservation of historical buildings in Kayseri has become more commonplace due to rapid urbanization and the need to protect its cultural heritage.

The introduction of modern development in historic areas, revitalization of the areas, and refurbishment of historic buildings are often referred to as the tools for the improvement schemes cities utilize to improve tourism while conserving historic cities.

Rendering credit: Hasan Yüksel

See full article in The Global Grid by Najma Leley.

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