Restoring Oceans, Restoring Climate — Harvard University — November 18-20, 2016

On November 18-20, 2016, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate will present a conference titled “Restoring Oceans, Restoring Climate: Facing Fire & Ice, Food & Water, Flood & Drought” at Harvard University.

Human behavior has led to today’s global warming – can human behavior reverse it as well? We have been searching for – and finding – answers leading to Yes!

In all of our conferences we have faced pressing questions in this era of planetary degradation, mass extinction and climate disruption. We have also introduced many positive and powerful solutions for varied terrestrial habitats across the world, and brought hope to the difficult climate story we are living through.

Now we’re tackling a new and challenging player: Oceans. Covering 70% of the earth’s surface and currently harboring vast amounts of climate heat, many other questions arise:

  • What roles do oceans play in the viability of life on land?
  • What roles do terrestrial habitats play in the viability of life in the oceans?
  • What is the role of those extraordinarily productive “edges” where land and water meet?
  • What are the ocean equivalents of regenerative management practices on land?
  • What are the dynamics of ocean life? If you were a bacterium, plankton, squid, fish or dolphin, what would oceans look like to you? What would you ask humans to do to preserve your habitats?
  • Finally, what are the relationships between oceans and land? How can we manage both for the good of the entire planetary system and the creatures who live here?

As in our prior six conferences, we’ll examine eco-restoration and the power of nature to heal global damage and reverse global warming. We will step beyond our conventional assumptions to hear from forward-thinking scientists, ocean restoration experts, fisheries professionals and activists about the remarkable possibilities of regenerated abundant oceans for a healthy and livable planet, on land and at sea.

See event website & photo credit.

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