Restoring the devastated mangrove forests of Singapore

This 2009 article reports on the start of an effort to restore Singapore‘s mangrove forests.

REVITALIZATION readers familiar with the current state of this coastal area are invited use the Comments section below to share their insights on the level of success of this project.
Years ago, the whole of the Pulau Indah coastal area off Klang, was covered with mangrove trees. Now, only about 20% of the trees remain.

“This island used to be covered with 2,000ha to 3,000ha of mangrove forest but now only a small portion of it is left.

Even (protected) areas that were not supposed to be affected suffered damage,” said Global Environment Centre (GEC) director Faizal Parish.

In efforts to restore the mangroves, GEC together with the Selangor Forestry Department have started replanting activities in the area.

Mangrove forest photo by Storm Cunningham

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