The revitalization of Frederick, Maryland is well worth the cost

Frederick, Maryland is seeing several improvements to its infrastructure that will not only improve an already scenic city but also connect its residents in new ways.

One of these improvements, a new bike path that will connect Baker and Waterford parks, is nearing its final stages.

Another improvement is the renovation of the Culler Lake area in Baker Park.

While these projects come with a large price tag, they will bring the Frederick community together in ways that were previously unavailable.

Frederick’s theme of renovation and restoration is continuing on the east side of Carroll Creek.

What is so fascinating about this transformation is that the developers are keeping many of the original building’s facades and history. The architecture and landscaping fits cohesively with the already developed section of the creek closer to Market Street and will expand the small-business sector of downtown Frederick even further.

Urban revitalization can be a costly agenda item. However, when done properly with a respect for history and with the focus of uniting the Frederick community, I believe it pays dividends.

Note from Storm: Join me in lovely Frederick on July 21, 2016 when I keynote Preservation Maryland‘s Historic Preservation Summer School.

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