Revitalizing downtown by making it easier for businesses to reuse old buildings

When a business owner is deciding on where to place their business their number one concerns is location.

Lately many business owners have been trending towards reusing old buildings to enhance their own endeavors. In an effort to encourage the repurposing of these properties, Lexington, North Carolina city leaders have adopted a more “business-friendly” attitude.

According to Tammy Absher, executive director of the City of Lexington Business and Community Development, the city leadership has made it easier for businesses to come to Lexington.

Two of the top 10 goals adopted by the Lexington City Council include focusing efforts on improving the city’s appearance and playing active role growing the local economy.

One of the first things we did was to make changes to the zoning ordinance,” Absher said. “We wanted to be more flexible to repurpose these buildings.

Before then, the regulations were very clear on what was industrial and what was commercial. The change to the zoning laws gives property owners a whole range of options from traditional industrial to mixed use that allows things like second story apartments.”

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