Revitalizing Earth and Soul: A Restorative Labor

Note from Storm: I’m a bit embarrassed to share this article by Merry and Burt Hall in REVITALIZATION, since the article focuses on me. But it would be rude not to give the article exposure after the author went to the trouble of writing it.

Note: the article is two pages, but the advertising clutter makes it a bit hard to see the link to the second page.

From the article: Storm Cunningham’s work is imperative in this day and age of global warming and the high rates of extinction of various creatures throughout the Earth.

As such, Michael Scott of Progressive Urban Management Associates states: “Storm is the world’s cheerleader and strategist for resilient, revitalized futures. And who knows more about creating effective teams than a former Green Beret?

How does he seek to do this? In one simple word: empowerment. Storm’s online magazine, REVITALIZATION, gives us information regarding: Current research and events; Career Training; Projects/Funding; Brownfields and vacant land; Downtown Restoration; Catastrophe Recovery; Agriculture/fisheries; Watersheds/biodiversity; and Infrastructure/energy.

In our recent BlogTalk Radio interview, Storm discussed our modern day issues of fragmentation in the interview he did with this author and his wife. By this he means we don’t see how the parts effect and define the whole and vice versa. We need to see holistically. The interview was informative and provided optimism for the future.

In my opinion, Storm’s work and my insights indicate that we need to focus locally while looking at the macroscopic view of our planet. We need to address the need and opportunity at hand and, at the same time, be alert to the impact on the whole, integral, living planet.

See full article in OpEd News.

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