Revitalizing Rural Maryland: A Resource Guide for Rural Communities (free)

With the support from the Rural Maryland Council, in September of 2018, Preservation Maryland published a first-of-its-kind comprehensive guide to resources for rural community revitalization.

[Note from Storm Cunningham: While many of the resources in this guide are Maryland-specific, there are many regional and national resources, so this free guide is probably of value to other U.S. rural revitalization organizations.]

Revitalizing communities is complex and challenging work. For rural communities, the work often comes with even greater obstacles and hurdles to overcome. The creation of this rural resource guide is Preservation Maryland’s latest effort to support this critical work in smart growth and rural revitalization.

The 50+ page report entitled, Revitalizing Rural Maryland: A Resource Guide for Rural Communities, is divided by the different resources available to rural communities, property and business owners, and residents, including:

  • Grants and Loans
  • Tax Credits
  • Technical Assistance
  • County Specific Resources
  • Case Studies

The report is available for free both digitally and in limited print quantities. Printed copies are available upon request and will also be made available at upcoming Preservation Maryland and Rural Maryland Council events.

Download the report (PDF).

See Preservation Maryland website.

See Rural Maryland Council website.

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