RFP: Affordable housing developer needed to revitalize blighted Tampa neighborhood

The Nehemiah Project is working to clear the Sulphur Springs neighborhood of Tampa, Florida of blight and crime by creating safe and affordable living as well as transforming the neighborhood while keeping its diverse history in mind.

The next generation of Tampanians will look to this neighborhood with pride and respect; as a neighborhood they want their kids to come back to and raise their families,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn.
“With the help of valued partners, we’re going to revamp Sulphur Springs block by block by creating safer living environments for its families,” he continued.

The City of Tampa (City) is soliciting proposals from qualified Real Estate Developers (Developer) for the construction, marketing and selling of single-family homes in the Sulphur Springs Community. The purpose of this RFP is to have proposers respond to the specific items of this RFP. It is also for the City to obtain input, knowledge of best practices, innovative financial packages, and master development alternatives related to redevelopment of the Sulphur Springs community, within the context of the Nehemiah Project using the construction, marketing, and selling of single-family residential homes as a springboard.

This construction project will be under the supervision of the City’s Housing and Community Development Division (HCD). The Developer shall be evaluated based on the Developer’s financial capacity to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner, while providing high quality workmanship, organization and property management. The City reserves the right to select any Developer as it deems fit and to determine which Developer is asked to provide services.

The Nehemiah Project is intended to help rebuild the Sulphur Springs neighborhood by providing affordable housing opportunities for income eligible individuals or households. These affordable housing opportunities are
seen as the engine to further opportunities that will help foster place-making and community investment. Accordingly, while affordable housing opportunities may form the core of information submitted, the City encourages each submittal to include ideas and suggestions on leveraging and maximizing the creation of affordable housing in ways that engage what the vendor sees as the full spectrum of possible community building activities.

Information gathered from this RFP will assist the City in its continued goal of bringing resources together to rebuild the Sulphur Springs neighborhood and improve the quality of life for its residents.

For additional information, contact:
Ashley Bauman, Public Affairs Director
(813) 274-8262 (o)
(813) 390-7455 (c)

Proposals due Monday, April 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM (EST).

Photo of Sulphur Springs water tower by Mike Littlefield

See full RFP (PDF).

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