RFP: Bermuda seeks “Expression of Interest for Renovation and Use” from developers to revitalize old prison headquarters

In Bermuda, the government is looking for a private partners to repurpose and renew an old prison headquarters. They’ve issued an “Expression of Interest for Renovation and Use”.

Bermuda’s Ministry of Public Works and their Department of Public Lands and Buildings say that the building “was built of traditional construction and even though the buildings are considered to be generally structurally sound, an extensive renovation works are required to parts of the structure, including roof structures and decorative repairs throughout and renewal of services.”

The RFP adds, “Consideration will be given to any appropriate or suitable use and necessary renovations for the proposed use. The proposal must be based on necessary preliminary survey of the property and proposed works after making necessary planning/development control enquiries..”

The building, on Happy Valley Road, Pembroke, was once used as a hospital and stands in about 0.7 acres. The building has several levels, and covers 851 square meters.

No detailed architectural designs shall be required for the submission at this initial ‘expression of interest’ stage, but the proposal will be considered as the basis for detailed renovation proposal that will be required in the subsequent stage, if such initial proposal is considered by the Department of Public Lands and Buildings to be feasible and viable,” the RFP continues.

The deadline for submissions is September 13, 2021.

Photo courtesy of Bermuda Ministry of Public Works.

See full RFP.

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