RFP coming soon: City seeks redeveloper to repurpose and restore historic city hall

The City Hall of Stockton, California is a majestic, 92-year-old, 70,000-square-foot structure, and its noble inscriptions make the exterior an iconic part of the downtown landscape.

But, after nearly a hundred years of continual use and poor maintenance, the building is in a state of disrepair, requiring extensive, and expensive, mitigation efforts.

The city has decided to move the city hall to the Waterfront Towers of downtown Stockton, and is seeking ideas from both citizens and potential redevelopers as to how best to repurpose and renew the historic building.

The Mayor and Council recognize the historical significance of the building and the deep sentiment held by many residents about the building.

The city’s economic development director, Micah Runner, says they are seeking ways to preserve the building by either selling it or putting it to new public uses. “I think it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s preserved exactly how it is today“, he said. “But I think providing some of that historic context and preserving the building for its historic value, but it’s very important to preserve the building.”

Current ideas under consideration include a museum, art center, or non-profit. Due to the building’s historical status, changes must conform to federal standards and be approved in a public process with the city council.

A future RFP will likely determine the structure’s fate.

Image via Google Maps.

See City of Stockton web page for City Hall redevelopment opportunity.

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