RFP: Here’s your chance to buy a historic downtown building in Maine for $1 and redevelop it to help revitalize the town

The Town of Rumford, Maine has issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the sale and redevelopment of a historic downtown building.

Known as the Clough & Pillsbury Building, in 2018 it was listed by Maine Preservation as one of the state’s “Most Endangered Historic Places.”

  1. Notice: The Town of Rumford will be accepting proposals for the purchase and redevelopment of the Clough & Pilsbury Building located at 109 Congress Street (“the property”) along with all rights and interest in the land at the same location.
  2. Intent: The intention of the Town of Rumford will be to convey the property in fulfillment of a proposal which best serves the public interest in the sole judgment of the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen will make a subjective decision taking into consideration price offered, taxable value created, proposed redevelopment use along with other tangible and intangible aspects of the proposal.
  3. Price: The minimum sale price of the property will be One Dollar ($1.00). Sale proceeds will satisfy all outstanding back taxes and all other interests of the Town of Rumford. The Town of Rumford will release all interests in the property. Proposals should clearly specify the sale price.
  4. Asbestos Remediation: Interested parties are hereby notified of the presence of asbestos containing materials at the property. The development proposal must agree to complete removal and remediation of all asbestos as identified in the Environmental Site Assessment completed by Ransom Consulting Inc. and dated April 19, 2019 and as confirmed by the report of Pinkham Environmental Inc. dated December 18, 2018 (PEI# 18-2238). Remediation must be completed by a qualified remediation contractor as defined by the State of Maine.
  5. Hazardous Building Materials Removal: Interested parties are hereby notified of the presence of universal waste included mercury containing fluorescent bulbs and potentially PCB containing light ballasts as well as paint thinners and associated paint products. The development proposal must agree to dispose of Hazardous Building Materials in accordance with the completed inventory.
  6. Redevelopment: The development proposal must describe in detail the proposed use of space on each floor including of the basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor with a project timeline not to exceed thirty-six (36 months). The development proposal must agree to preserve and if necessary restore the stained glass “Clough & Pillsbury” storefront façade in such a manner that it remains a prominent and publicly visible feature. The development proposal must provide a single estimated rehabilitation cost amount with itemized major sub-costs. The estimated rehabilitation cost amount must account for work done personally by the owner and any associates “in kind” separately from actual costs paid to third parties. Licensed trade professionals may account for their own work for their licensed trade at their regularly billed rate.
  7. River Street Access: Negotiating access to the rear of the building by permission from abutters or permanent easement is the responsibility of the developer. The Town makes no warranty or guarantee with regards to building access from River Street.
  8. Property Inspections & Inquiries: Property inspections may be arranged prior to submission through the Economic Development Director by email or telephone request to gokeefe@rumfordme.org or (207) 364-4576, extension 243. Requests for property inspections will be on an “as available” basis. Inquiries will be accepted by the same.
  9. Required Developer Information: The development proposal must identify by name the developer and all individual partners including silent individual partners doing business together as part of the corporation which shall undertake the project. The development proposal must include contact information for the developer to include address of legal residence, place of business and state(s) of licensure for any professional licenses held.
  10. Selection Criteria: The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Rumford shall be the sole and final authority on selection of a redevelopment proposal. The Town of Rumford reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals or to accept the proposal which appears to be in the best interest of the Town of Rumford, including the right to waive any technicalities or formalities of the proposal process.
  11. Deed: Transfer of property shall occur with approval of the Board of Selectmen by a municipal quit claim deed with revocation clauses against demolition and non-performance of proposed redevelopment to be delivered at closing upon receipt of funds in the amount of the price. Funds to purchase the building must be delivered in cash or bank treasurer’s check payable to the “Town of Rumford” at the time of closing.
  12. Lien Discharge: Any and all outstanding municipal liens on the property shall be discharged upon closing to include municipal mortgage liens.
  13. Performance: Failure to complete the project on the approved timeline will result in revocation of the sale, repossession of the property and all improvements made by the buyer to the Town of Rumford and forfeiture of the funds paid by the buyer.
  14. Delivery & Review: Sealed proposals plainly marked “Clough & Pilsbury Building RFP” will be accepted at the Town Manager’s Office, 145 Congress Street, Rumford, ME 04276 until July 26, 2019 at 4pm or by PDF to townmanager@rumfordme.org. Proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen within 30 days of submission. The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to ask further questions, request additional information and conduct interviews at their own discretion.

Photo courtesy of the Town of Rumford.

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