RFP: Pugwash, Nova Scotia seeks designer for waterfront redevelopment

In 2010 the Rural and Small Town Studies program at Mount Allison University, produced a Master Plan for Pugwash and Area (Nova Scotia, Canada). The Executive Summary of that report states that “over the years, a variety of official and unofficial plans have been developed by and for the Village and surrounding area…” That project attempted to synthesize the various existing plans and proposed projects (a total of twelve plans and other documents were reviewed), and also sought community input on priorities.

That 2010 plan identified four priority areas and proposed a “high level” implementation plan for each. The four priorities are:

  • Infrastructure (water & sewer, sidewalks, street lighting, parking and road improvement)
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Multi-purpose centre (including library, community rooms, and other public conveniences)
  • Tourism

Strategically, the four areas have been addressed through working groups operating somewhat independently, with coordination by a Master Plan Committee. While that process has been helpful at a tactical level to create a list of projects in response to issues identified through the community consultation phase, it may not provide the necessary conceptual framework to achieve community and economic development goals for sustainability of the Village and surrounding area.

In recent months and years, community residents and officials have come to realize that efforts to achieve individual project objectives could be more successful, and ultimately, the impact on community economic development in the area could be greatly increased, by integrating many of the projects, along with other potential ideas and opportunities, into one comprehensive plan. To move forward, a common vision for the future of Pugwash was required.

Thus, in 2015 the Municipality engaged BDA Landscape Architecture and Site Engineering to prepare a concept plan for the Pugwash Waterfront. BDA reviewed past studies and reports, held meetings and brainstorming sessions with a community-led project steering committee, and hosted public community meetings and open houses. As a result of these activities, BDA produced the Pugwash Waterfront Improvement Concept comprising a series of initiatives to collectively advance community economic development in the Pugwash area.

A growing spirit of optimism and local leadership in the area are providing a timely opportunity to undertake this project. In addition to the 2010 plan, there are other recent developments in the area, including renovations and a new governance model for Thinkers Lodge. The Municipality of Cumberland has initiated a new Community Economic Development Strategy that advocates the development of local area plans including tourism promotion and business development.

With the vision and concept for the Waterfront established, the Municipality is now prepared to proceed with soliciting detailed design advancement and costing, as set out in this RFP.

The work involves projects at varying stages of development and includes requirements for concept design; design advancement, final design, costing, and contract documents suitable for public tender; and inclusion of pre-existing design documents in the Pugwash Waterfront Development Master Plan. Updating and expanding the Concept Plan produced by BDA is required.

Submit proposal by January 13, 2017.

Photo of Pugwash Lighthouse by Dennis Jarvis via Wikipedia.

See RFP listing.

Download RFP (PDF).

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