RFP: Redeveloper wanted to reuse building so as to help revitalize tourism & economy (CO)

The Alamosa County, Colorado Local Marketing District (LMD) has issued a Request for Proposals to redevelop the Rio Grande Motorway Building located adjacent to The Depot on Sixth Street by the railway.

The purpose of this request for proposals is to identify a party to acquire and redevelop the structure and associated land.

The Alamosa County Local Marketing District Board (Board) may select and contract with an organization to take ownership of and then redevelop the Motorways property. This shall be done in a manner that is consistent with the Board’s mission to promote tourism and economic development in Alamosa County, the City of Alamosa, and the San Luis Valley in general.

To that end, proposers may suggest that the assets be granted to them at little or no direct cost based on the strength of their plan. While a payment for the assets is not a requirement, it is a consideration. Ultimately it is the Board’s desire that the best overall proposal rise to the top in the best interests of tourism and the community.

The Board will evaluate and rank all proposals in accordance with the provisions of this RFP. It is recommended that proposers address, among those points important to the proposer, the prioritized points of consideration that are described later in this document.

All proposals and all proposers are solicited and appreciated. For profit, non-profit, private, and public entities are encouraged to review this packet and submit their best proposal.

Community participants in a recent City of Alamosa Comprehensive Plan update overwhelmingly conveyed the message they believe the downtown is a critical element in the economic growth of our community. They also expressed a very strong desire for physical improvements in the downtown that enhance the quality of life and public safety. The Rio Grande Motorways Building is a significant piece of the overall picture for a strong and vibrant downtown as it is co-located with The Depot, the San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad, and is also located on one of the region’s busiest highway thoroughfares.

Proposals are due on or before June 14, 2018 no later than 1:30pm at the Alamosa County Office located at 8900 Independence Way, Alamosa, Colorado.

Image via Google Maps.

See official RFP (PDF).

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