RFP: Want to repurpose a 287-acre former landfill into solar energy farm in Illinois?

Fulton County, Illinois is seeking to identify and contract with a Successful Proposer for a “Project” that shall include the design, financing, installation and operation of solar photovoltaic ground-mounted generators for 200 acres, more or less, of the 287-acre Cuba Landfill (“Site”), located in Fulton County, Illinois, and interconnection of the generation equipment to the utility distribution system, along with any such improvements or repairs needed at the Site to accommodate any of such improvements (“Project”).

The Site is owned by Fulton County (hereinafter “County”) and is a former landfill for the County. On July 14, 2017, the County received is Certification of
Completion of Post-Closure Care from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (hereinafter “IEPA”).

The Site is located on Illinois Route 97, just outside of the Village of Cuba, County of Fulton, Illinois. The Site Operation is to be for a minimum of twenty (20) years. Longer term proposals are welcome.

Each proposal should include a confidential pro-forma demonstration that the Proposer’s contemplated development of the Site (a) is commercially viable so as to provide economic benefit to the County and quantify estimates of the economic benefit, (b) does not impact the IEPA Certification of Closure, and (c) does not create of enlarge the cost at the Site for the County.

Each proposal should demonstrate the willingness and ability to finance, design, construct, commission, own, operate, maintain and de-commission all ground-mounted photovoltaic generation and other project-related equipment on the Site.

Lease Proposals may at the Proposer’s discretion involve renewable energy related installations other than a solar photovoltaic field as their principal use. Proposer’s may condition their willingness to contract on specific prerequisites being fulfilled.

Proposals due: November 1, 2017

See info on Brownfield Listings.

Download full RFP (PDF).

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