RFP: Restore and redevelop a historic building shell (New York)

The Newburgh Community Land Bank in Newburgh, New York is trying to save the shell on 33 Lander Street. They are accepting feasible proposals completed along with this form. This as their last plea to save the structure before demolishing it.

From the RFP:Newburgh Community Land Bank took ownership of 33 Lander Street in December 2014. Since that time, we have had numerous engineers and contractors review the property but have not been able to identify a feasible plan to restore it. Our formal engineering report recommends the removal of the building. The building is completely collapsed on the interior, the roof is collapsed, and the brick is deteriorated from the weather. That report is attached to this RFP.

Prior to proceeding with any plan to salvage materials and make redevelopment plans, NCLB is soliciting proposals for any person or entity with an implementable, fundable proposal to preserve the existing shell and bring the property back to productive use. Any proposal to restore the property will need to be accompanied by evidence of available funds. It is NCLB’s estimate, based upon experience working with similar buildings (deteriorated shells etc), that the costs to remove the material and restore the building will exceed $700,000. Any successful proposal would have a timeline shorter than 24 months or proposed timeline and justification for additional time.

If you have a feasible proposal for 33 Lander Street, please complete the form and submit it with ALL requested attachments before November 3, 2017 at 4 PM.

See full RFP (PDF).

See Newburgh Community Land Bank website.

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