RFP: Revitalize a Boston neighborhood by redeveloping old library into world-class library with affordable housing on top

On April 3, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts, the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) published a Request for Proposals (RFP) offering the opportunity to redevelop a parcel at 151 Cambridge St, the current site of the West End Library.

Community meetings and previous City of Boston planning helped shape the basic outline of the vision for the site.

Local residents and other neighborhood participants in seven public meetings, dating back to October of 2020, have provided crucial input to shape this Request for Proposals.

The core goal of the community vision is to strongly encourage redevelopment proposals for a mixed-use redevelopment that includes a world-class public library as well as affordable rental housing above the library.

Furthermore, this vision puts an emphasis on creating high-quality, affordable housing that will serve a variety of households – in particular, families – across multiple income tiers.

Proposals due by June 15, 2023 at 4:00pm.

Image courtesy of the City of Boston.

See full RFP.

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