Rustbelt Reclamation: New life for salvaged materials

When Deej Lincoln moved from San Francisco back to Northeast Ohio, he was looking not only for a place to raise his family, but a new career.

He’s come full circle with his business, which produces customized furniture made of reclaimed materials in an old elevator factory on East 36th Street. Not only is he finding new uses for goods that would have been thrown away, but he’s revitalizing Cleveland’s manufacturing past.

Lincoln says: “As our company continues to grow, we want to make the idea of using material that would be thrown away and repurposing it more appealing to those who are responsible for managing those structures,”.

When you look at the foundry or the stamping plant harvests, that’s a perfect example of someone who is responsible for getting rid of a bunch of material benefiting from our willingness to use that material because they don’t have to pay to throw it away. And we’re doing something great in that we’re not throwing material away, we’re using it, and we’re building a business on that,” he continued.

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