Rwanda to restore locally-extinct black rhinos to revitalize tourism

Rwanda seeks to reintroduce black rhinos in its Akagera National Park so as to boost tourism, an official has said.

Telesphore Ngoga, an analyst at Rwanda Development Board, told reporters on Thursday that negotiations were underway aimed at reintroducing black rhinos in Rwanda.

Reintroduction of Rhinos in Akagera Park will boost ecosystem of the park and as well increase the flow of tourists in the country,” he said, adding that the move could generate further employment opportunities for local communities.

The authorities expect the endangered black rhinos to return to Rwanda decades after the species was last seen in the country.

African Parks is a South Africa-based non-profit organisation that takes total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities.

Akagera National Park, where the rhinos are expected to be brought, is one of the parks managed by African Parks.

See Coastweek article & photo credit.

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