Salmon recovery group creates a game to fund restoration of steelhead in Puget Sound

Survive the Sound is an online game that follows actual wild steelhead through their spring migration through Washington‘s Puget Sound. Participants sponsor a fish, then compete against others as they track their fish’s migratory journey.

Habitat destruction, overfishing, dams… it’s tough for a steelhead trout (a type of salmon) to survive—much less thrive and multiply—in Puget Sound.

A a result, their population has been a dramatic decline over the past 30 years. The Puget Sound steelhead is a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Steelhead are currently at less than 10 percent of their historic abundance and are listed as a threatened species. Without action, this iconic Northwest fish may slip into extinction.

Local nonprofit Long Live the Kings has worked tirelessly since 1986 on research and conservation efforts to bring the steelhead back from the brink. And while their efforts are important, to most people they’re also awfully technical and academic.

So, they asked themselves… what if we turned steelhead migration into a game, and used it to recruit sponsors who would help fund steelhead restoration?

And with that thought, Survive the Sound was born – an interactive game that uses real data from migrating wild steelhead to create competition among friends, family and colleagues. Something along the lines of fantasy football for fish.

Real tracking data from wild steelhead is collected and shared with players through the Survive the Sound website. Players sponsor a fish (or several fish) and follow its perilous journey to the ocean. “Trash talk” about fish performance is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Fish sponsorship donations go directly to Long Live the King’s efforts in the recovery of wild salmon and steelhead populations.

Give a man a fish and he’ll be fed for a day. Sponsor a fish with Survive the Sound, and you’ll help restore wild salmon and steelhead to feed generations.

Learn more about Survive the Sound and watch video showing how the game works.

Watch TV news spot about Survive the Sound.

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