Savannah discovers it takes more than signage to revitalize a neighborhood

A long awaited promise of a new look for a rundown area of Savannah, Georgia is still unfulfilled. Neighbors along Waters Avenue between Victory Drive and Wheaton Street continue to wait for improvements in the area.

In 2010, the City of Savannah officially kicked off a campaign to revitalize the corridor. The revitalization project is a multi-million dollar Streetscape Plan that includes improving sidewalks, landscaping, lighting and more.

In 2012, city officials added Waters Avenue revitalization signs to the landscape as a commitment. Three years later, the signs are still there along with overgrown grass, graffiti, cracked sidewalks and buildings that are crumbling including one that has an exposed toilet and sink.

Neighbors in the area feel like those signs are a slap in the face when there are still so many improvements needed.

Part of the revitalization is to fix a city-owned shopping center on Waters Ave.

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