Successful Savannah entrepreneur restores hundreds of buildings in 17 years

As a child living in Savannah, Georgia, Brian Robin and his father restored vintage British cars, which is when Robin first realized his love of restoring old and remarkable structures.

My passion has always been to restore things,” says Robin. “I find beauty in the process of bringing something back to its original grandeur.

Today, Robin owns a contracting and custom restoration company that has helped re-establish Savannah as a city of architectural stature.

Robin Restoration has been in business for 17 years in Savannah.

Originally, Robin restored only his own properties; the first project he worked on was an 1892 property located downtown.

Robin Restoration also recently began a relationship with the Historic Savannah Foundation. Robin is a supporter of the nonprofit foundation whose mission is to preserve and protect Savannah’s heritage through advocacy, education and community involvement.

Robin Restoration focuses on restoring old homes and buildings, which falls well within Historic Savannah Foundation’s mission. We’re proud to be aligned with Robin Restoration,” says Terri O’Neil, the director of development for the foundation.

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